African Field Ranger Training Services.

AFRTS offers a comprehensive and intensive Field Ranger training program to all agencies charged with the responsibility for the managing and conserving of wildlife resources in Africa.


AFRTS – A division of the SAWC: Southern African Wildlife College

Tel: +27 (0) 15-7937300 / 7349 / 7342




South Africa




Training has been conducted in:


Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, North West and Kwa-zulu Natal.


Details information coming soon.


MPUMALANGA: Kruger National Park

LIMPOPO: Southern African Wildlife College

KWA-ZULU NATAL: Ndumo game reserve

NORTHERN CAPE: Karoo National Park


NORTH WEST: North West Parks board







Training has been conducted in:


Training was conducted separate courses in the Kissama National Park of Angola.


A new training facility "Catelamgombe" was used for the first time.


This 1mil hectare park have 3 major conservation areas types:

Beach/Ocean front & Bush inland and the two river systems bordering the park. Kwanza and Longo rivers.


Animals like elephants are being re-introduce in a 10 000 hectare, part of the park.


Some of the main animal species present in the park:


Giraffe, Hyena, Elephants, Livingston Eland,


Veador, Kudu, Zebra, Gnu, Crocodile, Hippo and Manetee.








Training has been conducted by:



AFRTS has been involved in Tanzania since 2003. Preciously training was done in


Grumeti Private Reserve and later in Tanzanian National Parks (TANAPA).


We also trained concessions in Friedkin Conservation Fund (FCF) and in total trained


more than 300 Tanzanians.


Furthermore, several  Forestry Anti-poaching squads were trained in Tanzania.








African Field Ranger Training Services Trainers has been actively training in Mozambique


Since before the establishment of the company, African Field Ranger Training Services, still trains in the Gorongosa National Park as well as the Greater Limpopo Trans frontier Park. Members from Mozambique Conservation are regularly trained at the Southern African Wildlife College as well.


Recently African Field Ranger Training Services trained the Trainers of the GLTP (Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park) including individuals from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.


African Field Ranger Training Services has trained Field Rangers from Gorongosa,


Reserva de Especial de Maputo, Bahine, Mapai, Zinave and smaller National Parks of that country.







Swaziland is AFRTS oldest client and we have trained them since our business started.


They are known as Inyoni Yami Swaziland Irrigation Scheme & their Anti Poaching Squad


is known as LAPU (livestock Anti Poaching Unit).


They are trained and re-trained annually and AFRTS has already chosen  and trained the


current Field Rangers.






African Field Ranger Training Services has been involved in the training of the Wildlife Division of Ghana since 2003.


The training done there included the development of Trainers for the Division. These Trainers were trained in Letaba in the Kruger National Park.


They went on to train all of the Field Rangers in the Division. Some of these trainers were used in Tanzania to assist as well as broaden their instructional skills further.


Also included in the services rendered in Ghana was the development of Protected Area Security Operations Plans for all the reserves of that country.


All in all African Field Ranger Training Services finally selected and shaped Field Rangers in the Wildlife Division during their restructuring process so as to streamline one of the best developed Field Ranger forces on the continent.


Some members trained in the Mobile Training Unit have gone on to manage the biggest National Park in Ghana, Mole National Park.







African Field Ranger Training Services trained the Border Police and Conservation Volunteers of Mongolia


In the Kgovskol province of that country. Although systems for protection of Wildlife in Mongolia are vastly


different from Africa the training intervention served to give a planning ability for Protected Area Security


Planning to the individuals trained. It was also a learning curve for the African Field Ranger Training Services Trainers to adapt to protection over extreme areas and boundaries. The training focused on the Taimen, a 5 foot salmon that occurs in the rivers of the country.


It is probably the farthest away from Africa that African Field Ranger Training Services will ever train.



Sierra Leone





African Field Ranger Training Services selected and trained the Field Rangers involved in the Gola Forest Project in Sierra Leone.


These Field Rangers are the backbone of a conservation effort stretching from Kenema to


Liberia in that region of Africa. Training in Sierra Leone proved to be quite a challenge as the country was still reeling from a civil war and due to the availability of firearms to the general public.


It presented some challenges but successes in Anti Poaching were achieved even before training was completed.


African Field Ranger Training Services later trained the Trainers from Sierra Leone in Sand River in the Kruger National Park. These trainers are still active in the Gola Forest.



DR Congo





DRK has been a client since 2004, prior to 2004 their members were trained in the Kruger.


However, since 2004, we trained them in Garamba, Butembo, Virunga and Lomako


Yokokala Reserves.


DRK is trained in French by an interpreter & is seen as one of the most difficult and dangerous countries to work in.








We also did intensive training for ZAWA (Zambian Wildlife Authority) earlier this year.


AFRTS's specialised Instructor Terrie Chakanyuka trained their members.

Training Locations:



South Africa














Sierra Leone


Democratic Republic of Congo